Americans & Their Guns

Americans have quite the romance with guns, and for good reason. Guns and gun ownership is what helped the colonies defeat the British in the American Revolution and helped us gain our independence. There is a deep history there. Not only that, but the founding fathers thought so highly of gun ownership that they even wrote in the right to bear arms as the 2nd amendment to this country’s constitution. There is no denying that guns certainly have had a huge impact on this country and that the right to gun ownership is secured by the constitution. However, like most political subjects, there are always two sides to each argument.

The republicans obviously take the 2nd amendment very seriously and take it to mean there should be no restrictions on gun ownership. While the left believes in some tougher access to guns and more strict guidelines around the purchasing and ownership of guns. I personally happen to be split on this subject and believe there is a happy middle ground.

Common sense gun reform is what this country needs. That means closing gun purchase loop holes that would allow for criminals and terrorists to more easily obtain guns and it means stronger background checks with longer review times before a gun can be purchased. These reforms, along with more harsh gun penalties for breaking and gun-related laws, I believe is the key to curbing the country’s gun problems.

The right will cry foul on these things, even though they make sense, because they will always believe that if they give up an inch that the government will take a mile. Meaning, if they give up any gun rights, the government will eventually take them all away. I think this type of conspiracy-minded thinking is quite honestly what is holding us back from becoming a safer country with less gun crime.