Thoughts on The Environment

Today I’d like to give my thoughts on a topic I find very important – the environment.

The environment is not just lush trimmed trees, threatened plants, animals and ecosystem.  It is literally the entity on which we all subsist, and on which the entire agricultural and industrial development depends.  Development without concern for the environment can only be short-term development.  In the long run, such a development can go on only at the cost of enormous human suffering, increased poverty and oppression.  We destroy the environment now, we destroy the future of planet Earth.


Air pollution is the most immediate concern.  The increasing concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere due to large-scale burning of fossil fuels, coal and petroleum, in modern industry and transport leads to the “greenhouse effect” which means global warming and the melting of polar caps. The other threat arises from aircraft exhausts and the chlorofluorocarbons used in aerosol sprays and refrigeration causing ozone layer depletion.


Apart from air pollution, land and water are being widely poisoned by the large-scale use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers in modern agriculture in developed countries and developing countries including India.  Another serious environmental and ecological problem has arisen from large-scale deforestation, which, in turn, has led to increased floods, soil erosion, silting of rivers and eventually desertification. This reckless operation, especially in the Third World, leads to deforestation to the extent of 11 million hectares every year.  These are some major problems, which threaten the environment.

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