The Great Immigration Debate

Immigration is a hotly debated topic between the republican and the democratic parties and has been for years. This year’s election has greatly increased the debate on this topic with the comments from republican nominee Donald Trump on immigrants coming to the US from Mexico.

My brother-in-law, Joe, is a Mexican immigrant who came to this country when he was a child with his parents who were coming here to escape the poverty and cartels in Mexico and to give him a better life. In there case, they felt like they were in immediate danger and could not wait to go through proper immigration channels which can sometimes take up to 5-10 years in some cases, so they came here illegally. Though their actions were illegal, their cause was noble, and unfortunately this is the case for many of the immigrants entering the US today. Now, Joe and his parents have their citizenship and Joe owns the best tree service Arlington TX has to offer. He’s now able to support his parents and a family of his own with his business. Joe is a perfect example of what these immigrants want.

The argument that the right has is that these immigrants are coming here illegally and should not be allowed to stay and should come to the country through legal channels. Unfortunately, our immigration system often fails the people it was meant to help with too much bureaucracy and legalities. The system can not always help those in need and is often overburdened by the volume of applicants that immigrants are encouraged to get to the country through other means.

The immigration system must be overhauled to allow easier and quicker access to work visas for immigrants to come here and work legally, while also paying taxes and contributing to the economy, while working on getting their permanent citizenship. This would encourage the legal process rather than encouraging the opposite.

The alternative that the right, especially Trump, has advocated for tighter restrictions and more border protection, even proposing a border-long wall. One thing that this solution fails to recognize is the humanity of the situation. These people are not looking to just take advantage of a system. They are truly trying to escape horrible, and sometimes even deadly, situations and it is our moral obligation to help them. Not only that, immigration is how this country was built. We are a nation of immigrants who left their current situations for a better life. We must keep that tradition and also remember to keep our humanity to continue to keep this country at it’s roots.