Americans & Their Guns

Americans have quite the romance with guns, and for good reason. Guns and gun ownership is what helped the colonies defeat the British in the American Revolution and helped us gain our independence. There is a deep history there. Not only that, but the founding fathers thought so highly of gun ownership that they even wrote in the right to bear arms as the 2nd amendment to this country’s constitution. There is no denying that guns certainly have had a huge impact on this country and that the right to gun ownership is secured by the constitution. However, like most political subjects, there are always two sides to each argument.

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The Great Immigration Debate

Immigration is a hotly debated topic between the republican and the democratic parties and has been for years. This year’s election has greatly increased the debate on this topic with the comments from republican nominee Donald Trump on immigrants coming to the US from Mexico.

My brother-in-law, Joe, is a Mexican immigrant who came to this country when he was a child with his parents who were coming here to escape the poverty and cartels in Mexico and to give him a better life. In there case, they felt like they were in immediate danger and could not wait to go through proper immigration channels which can sometimes take up to 5-10 years in some cases, so they came here illegally. Though their actions were illegal, their cause was noble, and unfortunately this is the case for many of the immigrants entering the US today. Now, Joe and his parents have their citizenship and Joe owns the best tree service Arlington TX has to offer. He’s now able to support his parents and a family of his own with his business. Joe is a perfect example of what these immigrants want.

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Thoughts on The Environment

Today I’d like to give my thoughts on a topic I find very important – the environment.

The environment is not just lush trimmed trees, threatened plants, animals and ecosystem.  It is literally the entity on which we all subsist, and on which the entire agricultural and industrial development depends.  Development without concern for the environment can only be short-term development.  In the long run, such a development can go on only at the cost of enormous human suffering, increased poverty and oppression.  We destroy the environment now, we destroy the future of planet Earth.

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